My name is Sanjay Shiradwade. I have the following Skills and qualities: :)

  • Programming Language in I write most : Python : My day start and end with writing Python code/script.
  • Interestd in : AI
  • OS I use : Ubuntu , Don’t call me noob I’m Arch user its been 2 years Now.
  • Text Editor I use : Vim, Use whichever feel comfortable to you.
  • IDE I use : Android Studio, only if I have to deal with Android app
  • Server side? : Nodejs is awesome but I like to stick with Python for server side too so yeahh Django and Flask
  • FrontEnd FrameWork : Angular 2 is booming but React is Awesome, Vuejs is also cool

  • I rock a great mustache and beard
  • I’m extremely loyal to my family and Friends :P